Toronto II – Official53Crew
Genre Rap

Toronto II

Feat. Andres

Yea, I’m Free As Hell Speak My Mind I’m Chas’in Fate. A Fighter Makes A Way And Look’in Back At All We Gave. Independent, The Direction Forward, Contemplate. And Still We Rise, Lights From A Million, Heavy Weight. Highest Rate Of Speed Turning Up Miami Heat. Right Beside Of Me It’s Life And Def Explicitly. Retrospectively, Remember Back It’s All I Need. A War To Never Concede, With Never Knowing Me. I’m Almost Twenty In, The Rhythm Damn That’s A Fact. To Sеt A Fire, Toronto And Still I’m Flashing Back. Animated, Light The Nightimе With Every Track. It’s One Love, One Mic And Always On Attack. And I’m Still On The Go, Inspiration, Dedication, Perseverance Y’kno. Got The Focus, And They Noticed Just The Rhythm And Blues. Officially, Relentlessly And Still I’m Paying My Dues. Yea

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