Too Young – ​love-sadKiD
Genre Rap

Too Young

Don't tell me I'm too young for love
Don't tell me I'm too young for passion
Don't judge all my hearts capabilities because I can't promise reaction
I have some grudges to hold and some cracks on my soul
They say my youth is a stature I guess that I'm breaking the mold

Don't tell me I'm too young for love, feel free to ask about it
With a little bit of free time I can free your mind, don't have a doubt about it
I been pacing myself, don't have to wait put ya fate on the shelf
A date for a shake give a damn about health, with ya hand I have wealth
You're the treasure I been searching for
They say we won't last forever, but forever's all they ever talk about
Let's live day to day
With whatever to say but never to wake up with no cotton mouth
You're the girl of my dreams, all I see when I sleep
When I wake up you're gone, so I'll write you a song
You're there from dusk til dawn, stay so beautiful for me

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