Verse 1Brent Bronze

Permanent chip engraved into the shoulder of the soul
I've been living laced, all of life's a stage, but I never acted, only reacted to my surroundings
Surround sound of my youth, reckless, spent hours listening to the message

Paranoia the evidence of the mind when it's separate
And divided mind cannot conquer its own impulses, sourced this intelligence from a higher power but this depression got me taking hour length showers

Tomorrow people I borrow the future from beyond the cerebral, crayon never seen a line so the boundaries ethereal, going against the cereal, peering through the stereo and getting lightheaded when I walk, weight of my life force heavy

They say the grainy water oughta shine the rock, but the erosion has taken away so much from me, the river delta is the change that I seek shelter from, I got time to kill

Kill 2 birds w one windmill, tryna convert this energy to something productive to summon a windfall but I been tripping down this shit still

Verse 2Xhef

The loops speak to me
The coup not chicken
Moving militant with loosies
Go blow for blow with the pen
Psychic damage with the loose leaf
Found riddled in a ditch
Another victim of the 2 seat
Not choosey over labels
Turn the table scraps what you eat
What you are
Standing on success watch your feet
You small short term plotting
Get you to meet and greets at the mall
Where I'm going
It'll be impossible to fall
Tall tales great expectations
Poor paternal relations
All hell breaking with the silence
My eyes went vacant
The blood ran flagrant
Ain't hearing shit what we saying
Leave the family tree shaking
Leaves on my aunties head
The taste on my lips at my grave bitter
Ancient history forgotten leaves cut bleeding
Dripping, opposites in the mirror
Leave encounters cottonmouth
And dizzy
Our appearances is skin deep
But the history repeats
[Why is that
Wipe the tears off the windshield
I'm just tripping down windmills

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