Toasty digital – Spread Your Wings
Genre Rap

Spread Your Wings


Most of all, this album is featuring me
Like I'm actually, rapping on it
It's like, not a compilation
You know what I'm sayin'?
Like, and I really got somethin' good to say man
And, if you feel the movement
Like, I only want something that exemplifies that...
I'm sorry for using the word "exemplifies"
I know like, in rap like I only say "Mothafucka" and "Bitch"
And "I'ma smack a bitch up" and...
You know what I'm sayin but
I need, I need ya'll man to somehow express what I'm tryna-
Yo, yo fuck this, this is my drop
And I wanna bust a rap right now... [Believe it or not]

Verse 1

Off the meds, off the head
Niggas soft as bread, niggas soft as bread
Stay off them blogs, they play with y'all thoughts
Made a way from my dawgs that ain't say what they saw
Only the brave, they want us locked in the cagе
If you owe me money, I shouldn't havе to remind you to pay
When they tell me I can't do it, it give me a rush
Ain't got this type of bank account 'less you 50 and up

Verse 2

They on my muhfuckin' dick, all this dirt they tryin' get
Go with whoever, I ain't got no pick
Come through just to get that flick
Get back, go down
New 'Rari, slow down
Check the score, blow out
Bitch, get back
Yeah, get back


Hunnid rounds, no kickback
Mansion party, lil' kickback
Champagne, gon' sip that
Get that, get back
Hunnid rounds, no kickback
Mansion party, lil' kickback
Fake vibes, we ain't with that

Verse 3

Look what they doin', look what they sayin'
"That nigga selfish, look at his mansion"
Thirty thousand square feet, secret rooms, look at the plan
Look at the money, look at the bands
I get on my knees, I'm thankin' the man
He said he ain't like that nigga, I just seen him shakin' his hand
I'm shakin' my head, I'm shakin' my head
You like that Benz? They made it in France

Chorus 2

But watch your hands, get back
Get back, get back
Hunnid rounds, no kickback
Mansion party, lil' kickback
Fake vibes, we ain't with that
Champagne, gon' sip that
Hunnid rounds, no kickback
All the fake vibes, I ain't with that


My life a mofo, spot like some UFO
Price tag upon your soul, you sold it, you gotta go
Trade my respect for some attention? Fuck no
Lookin' at these bitches bodies, girl, y'all overdose
Why y'all overdose?

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