I know I’m not a God Ima demon
Spill my semen on every rotten human being
And you’re not even worth it
Just shut your fucking mouth
Little bitch
Ima torture you to death
And spill your fucking innards
Open holes right in your neck
We a bunch of sinners
Wait for the blood to make it wet
Now she’s trying to breathe in
She’s choking on my dick
As her heart stop beating
Little bitch keep on fighting Huh
But it’s never enough
Why aren’t you mad at the torture and stuff
Maybe cuz it’s all made up
Little fuck
Why don’t you suck on my bloody ass nuts
While I take a piss in your guts
Where is your Divinity now
Get run over with a fucking ox plow
Get out with your week mediocrity
Fuck off with your alcoholic therapy
Shattered brain storage mental state goes into orbit
Pouring siren in my eyes
To escape the fact that I’m alive
Pain calms me down
Let’s burn the whole town
I just want to keep a level head
Talk equivalent to garbage bins
No one seems to understand breathing is so punishment

Got toadstools on my dick
We a bunch of sinners
Toadstools on my dick
Eating you for dinner
I got toadstools on my dick
Carving out your liver
Toadstools on my dick
Spray the baby mist on your fucking innards

Fucking human scum
You Ignorant piss ants
You should rot with a compost of fruit flies
Just let them feed on you with their rotten proboscises
Submerged with the Oak saliva
Fade into bliss
As you get turned into fertilizer
Cuz you’re shit

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