TO – Hafto
Genre Rap



Verse 1

I understand what you are feeling
Don’t worry about anything
I see you stressing
So here is an opportunity for those feeling to leave
And make you happy
No living without sinning
But still a taste of heaven
Need to be tempt within reason

Verse 2

Good feelings mixed with relieving suffering through chemistry
People lose their soul in whatever palm they are holding
Making them nodding and dozing
Eventually leaving them frozen
People start hiding their problems
Not resisting because I hide mine and that ain’t a crime
Don’t worry if everybody is judging
Cause they can’t tell you nothing
Desires don’t need controlling
Start chasing money, life phases doesn’t end in mornings but only 6 feet deep
Not resisting temptation or what You are truly feeling
Desires are going to keep evolving

Verse 3

Silent killers in the air, no one really cares
Cause with the pressure they come back for more
Until life is all over
Just to live a moment more
It won’t be forever
Have an overload of temptation
On the racetrack burning paper it is part of all generations
Starting Lives burning like wildfire
This isn’t corruption but the natural order
This isn’t going to stop any desire
Have an overload of temptation
Can’t stop nor end it but won’t stop it
Cause you love the thrill of it
But hate the sick of it
Take one more
But don’t overload
But Still, keeping your temptations

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