Goyxrd gim lyrics
(English Translation)

feat. Amiroon

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September 27, 2023

Goyxrd gim lyrics
(English Translation)

Intro by amirooone Speed ​​Kirill is accused under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely fraud. verse by titak
Rucka Belenciaga, call me speed
I'm running on a charge, I'm a legacy dotka
Do I've knowledge? amirvan's
Do you want murder? touch the sticky one, dodik
I'm not a babes, but I skate like a boot
Worst Kerry? kistune on top
Beers killed? but through the dick into the mouth
GOYARDS ON THE ROCK? cards are all zero
Titak on the drive? rus displays everything
There's a lot of cash, the goyards are on edge
They want fame, but they don’t take out the letters
Two ambulances + gas - amirvan at work
A matchmaker is flying to you, the goyards are bringing you
Relatives are all against the wall, they work quickly, pay without cash, we don’t ask for checks
Murder on the Internet? our profile

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Titak – Goyxrd gim (English Translation)

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