Te echo de menos lyrics
(English Translation)

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May 15, 2023

Te echo de menos lyrics
(English Translation)

''Since you're not here I notice, like I'm missing something
Something important about me
That something is no longer filled with what used to fill me
It's like a void that
Every night it gets bigger
And little by little
It's consuming me''

I miss you, please come back
I miss you, please come back
I miss you, please come back (ah)

Verse 1
Even when it ended it hurt me to admit that I loved you
Your answer hurt me more
That you didn't love me anymore
And no matter how much I wanted it, it wasn't enough
You didn't want to be with me anymore

Verse 2
Looking at the ceiling, lying on the canvas
Today I already have it in my body
About six liters
So much smoke inside
My cylinders aren't working
I see blurry, it's not because of drugs
It's because my eyes cry
I feel an immense emptiness inside my heart
My image with a fucking smile is decorated
I'll respond with a good face to your ''hello''
Although inside it no longer grows
Neither fauna nor flora

Verse 3
(In front of everyone I always seem happy
But inside my soul is filled with depression
I was with two of the same, I'd the repeat chrome
More stupid to trust you than those from Lepe)

Verse 4
Why did you tell me that you loved me?
Was it a lie?
Now I scream at night, prisoner of anger
Like the witch who's burned on the pyre

Verse 5
And if one day you come back to my train
If it is to not give love and give friendship, it is better to return to the platform
That because?
It would be like giving honey to someone who's dying of thirst
I'm done shit
And my bros telling me, be strong, be real
But I can't even smile anymore
Because I know that now there's another one in the camera behind your BeReal

Verse 6
I'm so alone and I miss you so much, anyway
There are even times when I talk to myself about you
I only wanted you, my head doesn't let me be with others
My lips only touch the bottle of Larios
And if it's not Larios, then I drink Brugal
At four in the morning lying under the threshold
Thinking if you'll be happy somewhere
I thought you'd be the wish and not the shooting star

Saying 2
''Being with you was my only goal
I don't know whether to do coke or meth now (ha)
I spend my nights with a Russian woman
I think it's called roulette
But that, I just wanted to tell you that
Well, you know''

I miss you, please come back

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Tinoco – Te echo de menos (English Translation)

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