YN Jay – Tik Tok
Genre Pop

Tik Tok


[Baby made the beat, so you know it's about to be a banger
Alright, that's how you feelin'?
Hold on [Hold on
[Yeah, Baby you did this one
That's how you feelin'
Why you do that man?
Alright, yeah
I'm in Coochie Land
This that 2020 bag
Alright, okay


[Bow, bow, bow] I'm finna beatbox his ass
Give him a slap on the wrist, I'm finna G-Shock his ass
Ooh, I'll go rampage, don't wanna see me when I'm mad
I'm a thriller, Michael Jackson, I'ma beat it bitch I'm bad
I've been smokin' too much weed and sippin' lean, I almost crashed
Oh you played football? I only seen you playin' flag
He tried to run but I caught him, you would think we playin' tag
Everyday I got a frown, you might think I'm playin' mad
I do not got no muthafuckin' kids, you won't see me playin' dad
In and out your life fast, you might think I was the Flash
I'm in everybody hood, you might think I got a pass
2017, might've seen me with a mask
2018, might've seen me with a bag
2019, I was down to my last
Then I ran it back up, 2020, actin' bad
How the fuck you stackin'? You ain't even got no stash
Why you catch a body? You ain't even have no mask
I can throw a bullet, have you ever caught a pass?
You ain't never have no money, never had no cash
I'll make it rain in this bitch, like the weatherman
I just drunk a 4 of Wock, I'm feelin' better man
Aye bro, how the fuck you on the road? You on tether man
I been slippin' too much lean, I need medicine
Fuck it, I'm done writin' raps, give me another beat
It's a old body on this gun, give me another heat
In Bal Harbour, my nigga Tito but a bum to sleep
I got niggas in every city, boy, don't fuck with me


You muthafuckas better not fuck with me
Told you muthafuckas
This shit just begun muthafucka
Muthafuckas don't listen man
You know what's muthafuckin' goin' on man
Man, I told you muthafuckas man
This shit on the muthafuckin' floor man
Yeah, okay
And this shit up on the floor, he looked at the ground
And this shit up in the air, he looked in the clouds
Only said it was beef, ain't no backin' down
Bro only hear that [Rrah], when you back around

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