Thoughts – RJLDiablo
Genre Pop



You expect to see me bleedin' on the street with a gold mask
Two elect to see me leavin' on the beat with a chrome flask
Bitches call me the imposter, finished all my tasks
Muh'fuckers want a feature, I'm like, "Bitch, you ain't gotta ask"
R. Kelly got bitches shakin' their ass
Thinkin' I care 'bout my life, man, it'll be gone in a flash
When I big and famous, them killers gonna come for my life
It's early premonition that I die, goodbye
Will the fame get to my head; will I get high?
Sometimеs I look at the clouds in the sky
Think about them and еat all my fries
Nearly died thrice, sometimes I think that I had a mearly shite life
Kanye West for president, man, my life is evident
Get it, get it, get it, like we fucking friends with benefits
Man, I don't see no shit in my town
Man, them people is down
Man, them people in town
Man, them people are clowns
Man, them streets where you drown
Hasta la vista, now frown
I walked into this shit with my paper crown
Now I got a real one, but it's battered down
Look at me, bitch, now who's the fatter clown?
Damn, fucking right bitch, and I'm fucking proud
Don't worry, fam, I won't grow up sniffin' powd'
Don't expect me to sell out, bitch, I sell 10s
You could barely get by in these ends
Ain't no motherfucker here you could befriend
We'll shank you up, no cap, in UK, no pretend
If you fuck with us in football, fam, you will get megged
Fuck with little RJ, and your house finna be egg'd
Wow, I can't believe that people wanna help me
I swear two weeks ago everybody wanna shelf me
Standin' up on my own two feet like Chelsea
Don't fuck with him, or else he'll
Beat your bitch ass up, and throw you back in Hell's sea
Don't stop it, down, down
Don't bop it, pow, pown
Don't cop it, bow, down
Call the fuckin' police, ask for some help, please
I don't want your poison cheese
I just wanna get out of this Royce in Greece
I just wanna go home, and play my voice to neeks
Not sit here, and worry for my life
When I was younger, I never thought that I'd survive
Now I made it here, give me my golden time
Friday, bitch, now I got my olden rhymes
Bitch, you know the time
I know I'm goated, right
And I've been floatin' by
Just hang my coat and cry
I got six fucking minutes left until I die

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