Thirteen Goats – Through the Meat Grinder... the Recipe
Genre Rock

Through the Meat Grinder... the Recipe

Destroy the body in a blaze of pain
Until the spirit flees the remains

I mount you on the conveyor
Feed you to my machine
Ensuring your pain is tailored
Each cut precise and clean
Collect the blood in a barrel
Red as the finest wine
Taste it to savour your peril
Just before the body dies
You're reduced to animal tissue
So delicious no one will miss you
Lick my lips and get a reminder
Of your trip through my meat grinder

Light the fire in the dungeon
Bring forth thе instrument
Separation of the spinе
Remove the excrement
Cauldron, five hundred degrees
Watch it boil, full of glee
Your life served on a platter
Echoing, insane laughter

This, my famous recipe
Your flesh mine to devour
Savouring this memory
Six o’clock, the sacred hour

As rumours of the slaughter spread through town
The angry mob arrives to bring me down

I invite all my accusers
To taste my food for themselves
Pathetic gluttons and boozers
Waiting for the dinner bell
I grin, unveiling the main course
Your head upon a spit
Then, in the panic and discord
Their supple throats I slit
They're all part of my next recipe
Each guest, their very own entrée
Little tabs inside of a binder
New ideas for my meat grinder

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