Thirteen Goats – Return to Ruin
Genre Rock

Return to Ruin

Archaic institutions
Deserve to collapse
Refusing evolution
We get just what we asked for

No brighter future coming
More chaos on the horizon
You are praying for salvation
I demand acceleration

Lies were used to build this nation
You call that civilization
Truth is what we bury you in
This world must return to ruin
We toil in the shadow
Of false enlightenment
High-minded old ideas
Now used to subjugate slaves

Serving a broken system
Graves for those who preach resistance
You are begging for solutions
I welcome the grim conclusion

Corruption thrives among us
Our leaders spewing bile
Infect the teeming masses
Their culture going viral

A plague on all our houses
Spread by their bloody reign
For those who can outlast it
A chance to start again

Sacrifice the ones you're serving
Ask yourself what they’re preserving
Break out from your sick illusion
This world must return to ruin

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