Thirteen Goats – Prisoner's Anthem
Genre Rock

Prisoner's Anthem

Pride grows in the human heart
Like lard upon a pig
Send the children into darkness
Their own graves to dig
Plant the seeds in fields of blood
To grow the vile state
Starve the desperate working classes
Feed them only hate

Cells packed full to bursting with forsaken innocent
Praying for interrogation; no chance of dissent
Justice by the hammer
Execution by the blade
Die for Mother Russia
Or endure a life of pain

Prejudicе appeals
To a nation on its knees
Blinded by delusions
Of supеriority
Spread the blood across the soil
And claim it for yourselves
Loot the undesirables
And cast them into hell

Trains of human cargo vanish into the abyss
Propaganda keeps the masses culpable in this

Justice by the truncheon
Execution by the gun
Die to serve The Fatherland
Or pack your bags and run

Money talks and freedom walks
Through graves in foreign lands
Tearing infant children
From their parents’ clutching hands
Plant the flag in blackened earth
And make way for machines
Build more prisons back at home
Protect democracy
A nation built on slavery and kept alive by war
Entertained by idiots and ruled over by whores

Justice by the gavel
Execution by the rope
Die for Lady Liberty
Or wallow in false hope

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