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May 30, 2023

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Contact Point lyrics

For hours now, I've been staring at the same page
I think it’s blank, but I'm just not sure
And there's a subtle thinking trying to hallucinate
In used up space ... waiting to form

Can I be allowed to wish the world away
Would you let me down
I’m so tired of feeling abused today
So please calm me down

For some time now it's been hard to concentrate
Don't know why
I feel I'm stranded from escape

Can I be allowed to wish the world away
So you let me down
I'm so tired, I want to sink your life away
So you let me down

And would you believe that as the seconds run
My contact point would leave
Just as they told me so
And couldn't you feel that as all hopes fade
I'd leave the world this bleak
Just as they told me so

Thine – Contact Point

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