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May 30, 2023

Bleaker Audio lyrics

Systems up and I'm feeling
And it's like nothing else
Please don't switch me off again

This science stirs delirium
Swarming through the airwaves of our days
The other fools? ... I guess they'll never know

I will proceed but nothing will come from this
Soon they'll bring me round, shut me down
I wasn't born of life
And all of you condemned me
Listen ... I'll transmit it to the world ...

Systems up but it's failing ... Systems up and I'm fading
Like you do everyday

I will be denied and I will cut myself and drown here
Soon they'll be around to shut you down
I wasn't born of life
And all of you condеmned me
Listen ... My mеssage for the world ...

It's Alright
And just the way you wanted it

Thine – Bleaker Audio

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