They Spoke To Me!!! – MoonFace The Rock$tar
Genre Rap

They Spoke To Me!!!

Verse 1
Shout out to my fucking haters
Y’all niggas wanna see me fall
I ain’t with that fake ass shit
Fuck y’all hoes and fuck y’all niggas
Swear to God y’all bitches ain’t on shit
Fuck these hoes imma get that bag
Fuck you mean hoe suck my dick
[Lets Fucking Go Yeah!!!
Feeling like a Supa Savage
Got me feeling like a demon
Fuck you mean bitch I am chosen
Dedicated to my shit
I’ll snatch your fucking soul, like I’m fucking satan bitch
I just need some fucking drugs
Fuck these hoes and get a bag

Inner Demon Moon

It’s fucking funny bruh
Cause you know what
I don’t give a fuck about people’s feelings anymore
Cause i got a fucking life ahead of me
But guess what
My inner demons are speaking to me
Their telling me fuck these hoes and get a bag
But it’s actually true though, Fuck Em
But at the end of the day, I got me and me fucking only
Me and me fucking only
Verse 2
Feeling like curious George [yeah
Screaming fuck love every damn day
Got me feeling like Marilyn Manson
Whipping my dick in front of these dykes
Run up on me like a fucking pussy ass nigga
Get ya boyfriend if he really bout shit
Guess what bitch you got a horse mouth

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