They Hate Change – 1000 Horses

1000 Horses

Feat. Sarge


Sets bangin' off the SP
Make ya chest bleed [sheesh]

Same cloth that them legends cut
From where niggas don’t bang but they shoot the same
Take it personal when I say fuck y’all, I really mean it
The ball is in our court it ain’t no sense in playing defense
Got money thoughts that circle like a Pontiac Parisienne
Stroker 383, I’m too broke to dress poor, therefore I bleed in A.P.C
Ain’t no tastemaker that made me, that’s on my life, y’all Rest In Peace
When the Needle Drop, where you wanna be?
Niggas better act like they know my steez
It’s the 944 with the Benzi box in it
Low odo only read 4 digits
I ain’t cop this off of Turo, this a Bring-a-Trailer vintage
Vonne been actin different since that whip came innit”
On the low mane, niggas just don’t know
Would’ve thought we moving cocaine, when they saw that Rope
We could take this shit to Spokane, still shut down a show
Ain’t no joke, niggas broke, we just plotting on some more
Fuck you talking bout?


Backend money gon break my fall, shit we want it all
Broke through ceilings, we want the building, thats how I’m feeling
The tables turning, I’m count earnings, your speakers bursting
All on purpose, while y’all were skeetin’ skeertin’
I flew to Paris
Crepe soles dragging got me moving slo-mo
My MPC swing gone save me
Ask about me, while y’all was selling out
Shit I copped a crib
Fuck that choker chain, show me how ya live


Speakers banging coast to coast they gon see
We run them beats them beats don’t run we
Ride slow through your city, get gritty and unclean
We run the streets the streets don’t run we


I’m far from modern
I’m out this world, call me Martian Marvin
On two shots of vodka, never Boston Lager
Never cross your partners, unless they cross-eyed-ed
Stop pocket-watching, on a nigga profits
Or the next thing you see’ll have you singing Gospel
What the fuck’s a witness? We only heard of hostage
All we know is hostile, not fond of your persona
You come into the River, prepare for the Piranhas
Let me slow it down, yellow light control the flow
Before you silly niggas think i’m spitting Hova quotes
You need a lower dose, before you overdose
Don’t sleep on me, or you gon’ comatose
I only fuck with hoes, body like a Coca-Cola
Just imported, ass still cross the border
Get in the water, your hair is not important
After we skinny dip, we can buy 1000 Horses

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