They Don't – Jay Loud
Genre R&B

They Don't


Whoa, whoa
Talkin' 'bout dream, they doubt it
Mm, uh, ay, uh, bitch

Verse 1

Look, they don't give a fuck about me
Talkin' 'bout dream, they doubt it
Uh, I remember my vision was clouded
I remember I was sleepin' in those alleys
Totin' on them sticks in the fuckin' valley
Uh, 12 come through, bitch I'm hittin' Audi
Hit them, niggas know that you ain't catchin' me
Uh, fuckin' on your bitch so you ain't stressin' me
Uh, .40 tucked on me if you testin' me
Run up on me, bitch I'll fry you like a gizzard
I ain't fuckin' on your bitch 'cause she shitter
Pop that with that drip, bitch, somethin' like a river
Ran off on that plug, bitch, it was crunch time
Caught his ass lackin', took his shit like it was lunch time
I'on know why the doubted me, they a fool
Pull up with that fuckin' choppa, it's a tool
Bitch it's finna do somethin', put you on that news
Spit flames, nigga, get high, what it do?
This that wrist game, give her dick, yeah and now she cool
I might take her out, and spend a bank, give her food
She a boujee bitch, but I ain't gon' lie, her pussy juice
I'ma ball up, yeah, MVP like I'm a pro
Step back with the crossover, hit the flo'
Most hated by some bitch niggas on the low
I never switch, bitch, I stick to the code

Verse 2

I spit flames, nigga, it come from the head
Ay, I just might go ahead and grow some dreads
Tell you bitch, ho you a freak, come here, give me head
And what we done, bitch, it ain't no
Told that bitch that I ain't tryna be no broke nigga
Ay, tell that lil' nigga he's a joke, nigga
Pull up, this a stick up, you get poled, nigga
Foenem empty out your pockets, you a broke nigga
Ay, got up out the trenches now a nigga gon' be rich
I'ma put some diamonds on my wrist just watch it glist'
Niggas thought they had attention 'cause they do a diss
Threw a couple zips and then my niggas went and slid


Bitch, ay, ay
Keep on doubtin' me and watch what happens
Lil' bitch

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