TheLostNarrator – An Apple Sleep Experiment
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An Apple Sleep Experiment

Feat. Magpiepony

Where have you gone?
There's no escape

Apples never...leave their debts unpaid

I'll keep up the search
Till you get what's coming?


These foreign thoughts inside my head [Pounding in my head, screeching in my head
They won't let up until he's dead [Only when he's dead, only when he's dead
The memory of his cruel gaze [Look into those eyes, you'll see his demise
I see it through my mental haze [now, the time has come, here I come, HA!]

I wander down these old dirt paths [I see him here, I see him there
It's time he met my boundless wrath [How did he flee, who set him free?]

I'll keep on comin' back for more [This time you'll see, can't hide from me
Until I've settled our old score [Why won't ya die? why won't ya die?]


Somewhere deep inside
I know this ain't right

But, I can't close my eyes
Not yet I gotta fight

So, tell me now, how do ya feel? [Writhe, go on and writhe
You're at my mercy and my will [Hide! you cannot hide!]

You beg me for your worthless life [Try! I dare ya! try!
But this is how I'll end our strife [Die already! die!]

Twilight, this ain't right
It's your spell
Why did you lie?
Now I can't recall why?
I'm in this cell
And left to die


Her hurtful words are cuttin' deep
Nobody listens when I weep
What kind of carnage did I reap?

I guess it's time I finally sleep

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