I’m not uncomplicated
I know what I am
I don’t land

I’m a broken man
This vessel’s been made to pour out

Over all our sins
And I am here waitin’
You are here as a shadow
To haunt my path, haunt my waking hours

And I am lookin’ out for what coulda been
I’m wastin’ my hours, lives and years
I’ve been waitin’ for a moment
To come that I don’t understand yet
I’m not intelligent
I haven’t made sense in over a week
Since I did the deed

Now I’m trying to suss out
Control from chaos
Pain turned to joy
Or at least art

There’s nothing left of me
What’s left in your arms
I did so much harm
I’m looking for out
Number one, baby
You were the one
You were the one
You were the one

And I felt your touch
And I felt your lungs
I wish you could see me now
I’m in a shape you would not love [but…]

How can I reconcile these disparate people I am?
How could I recompile all these fragments?
I’m lookin’ out for my self-interest
You gotta believe me now I thought it could be good for us to be individuals again
To elect what we want
To be or become

Didn’t you know the end is built into the beginning?
I thought I could write you out of your prison
Couldn’t do a fucking thing
Tell me what it is you want
I want to save you
Can’t be your Jesus-Superman
It comes from inside
I’m glad I was along for the ride

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