(the)imperfectionist – Anger is a secondary emotion

Anger is a secondary emotion

Rest in agony, I don’t care, I don’t care, I never cared
It’s all angry, all outward facing pain
I don’t care, I never cared, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t

I won’t hold my tongue
I won’t hold your lungs
I won’t feel your breath
I won’t put my tongue on your chest
I won’t hold you down, if that’s what you thought of me this whole time
I wasted your heart, wasted your soul and mind

And now I’m tryin’ to make you a poem
Using only primary colors
And primary emotions

So why won’t you believe me when I say I always loved you?
I still love you even though it breaks my heart, heart, heart, heart

So what are these residues on my sheets?
This creativity we shared
Is it all for naught, is it all forgot?
No, no, no
I did what I had to, but not what I ought to do, for you

I did what I had to do not for you but for myself
And if you can’t forgive me, well I guess, I guess you’ll have to love someone else
You can’t forgive me, but sweetie, you still have those lovely feelings
We shared on every road trip, down south, due west, due north, everywhere you turn
I am there
Everywhere I go, I carry you inside
Everywhere I go… more of you dies

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