(the)imperfectionist – After eros
Genre Rock

After eros

I’m alive for now
I’m waiting on a, starship to come down
And save me from this cloud

Don’t be far from me now
Don’t let me down

My hand grows listless as my head
I sometimes worry that I’m better off…
But I’m reminded someone pretty
Who love me conditionally

Sometimes I think I’m better off…
But then I’m reminded
Someone out there who’s pretty loves me

So I march along to the beat of my drum
And I wait for you to come along
And I been waitin’ for a long, goddam time
Won’t you hurry up?
Hurry up, hurry up?

And now I go down in flames
I’m to blame
Sometimеs I think I’m better off…
I’ve grown listlеss like my hand, travelled up my arm
Through my neck, up to my head
Sometimes I worry that I’m better off!…


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