TheBreak – Date Nite
Genre Rock

Date Nite

Soon hope our happy ending arrives
And that everything turns out alright
Cause these days I'm sick of being at home
If it's my last night I want to eat it outside
Want to take you somewhere fancy where they can envy us

Most days I abandon my pride for you
That's how much I love you


Always I'll care
Despite the space
Although it's unfair
No need to hurry
I'll run
To the edge of the world
To see you once more

Verse 2

Hold out just a little bit more
So we can sit close like before
And run my fingers through your hair
Until your eyes make me stop and stare
And wonder how lucky I am to be
With you right here in front of me
[Sometimes feels like it's kind of rough
Thin lips, high hips, hedgehogs around]

Bite your thin lips, hands on your hips
And watch the hedgehogs roam round here


Tonight we didn't see the stars
Cause 2:30 am was too far


I wonder
Why would you mix up yourself with someone like me
Maybe I can't give you much but you should know that I love you
I love you
I love you...

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