Astley In The Noose lyrics


The Eight Legged Groove Machine (Remastered)

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September 28, 2021

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Astley In The Noose lyrics

Oh Astley in the noose
He hasn't got a use
But he's trying
Trying to be someone
Trying to take like a man if you can
Sing an old song

Oh get back to the rope
Wash your mouth out with soap
And if you must sing
Sing an oldie
But sing it quickly
Oh spare me

Don't beg don't beg
I wouldn't kill you even if you paid me
Don't beg don't beg
I wouldn't kill you even if you paid me

Oh Astley it's the truth
My patience at it's roof
It's at it's ceiling
It's just this feeling
That given half a choice
A life without your voice seems more appealing


But don't take this to heart
It's all to do with art and entertainment
I sing this lament
But from you and from peers
It's abuse to both me ears
I rest my case here

Chorus: x2

Did anybody like it
Do you think it might offend him
Who cares

The Wonder Stuff – Astley In The Noose

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