The Thanos Lovers – Your Non Ordinary Christmas Carol
Genre Rap

Your Non Ordinary Christmas Carol

Verse 1Lil Frozen Lean Meat

Jingle bells, Noah smells
Happy Holiday, slay the day, all the way
Noah drinks Gatorade
I am so ugly, I look like Pugsley
Yeah, Pugsley, he’s so funky, monkey
Chunky like me, chunky like you, chunky like all of us
Christmas sucks, just kidding I love Christmas, Ho!

Verse 2Lil Mr Kippling

Yeah, huh? You smell like butt, Ayy, Ayy
I’m The Grinch, Christmas sucks
Ayy, you’re super fat just like all of us, Ayy, Ayy, ooh
I am fat just like Santa, he got drunk off of Fanta, Ayy
And your mom she smells Bart
And she likes to smell my farts

Verse 3Cheesy Dino

I’m gonna ride Santa’s sleigh, yeah that’s so slay
I wanna jump on top of a reindeer and then fly away, yay
Why do I always say yay? Anyways
It’s Christmas time and I’m excited
To get all the presents
Yay, yahoo!

Verse 4Lil Habibi

I’ve never had a sprite cranberry but that’s ok cause my legs are pretty hairy
I’m excited for Christmas but that’s okay because ima do buisness
I’m kinda scared of Santa Clause cause he’s a old white dude
Yeah, a scary old white dude
I don’t like scary old white dudes

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