The Friendly Enemy lyrics


In Evil Hour

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May 26, 2023

The Friendly Enemy lyrics

No hope
No trust
Pray soon
Be dust

I took a walk down to the track
I put my head down on the rail
When I heard that fast approaching roar
Well I jumped back
You just had to laugh
You started to see the funny side
Yet I preyed upon that final ride

My heart it jumped in place
When you're sneaking from the platform
When you (?)
And the wheels all turn
Reaching to the herd
Takes you to admit you lied
Your self interested bloated pride

So much power in your eyes
And the slightest of depression
I throw my pain onto your jagged heart
But it's too, too cruel
Acting like a fool
You always seem to stay so calm
I could hit you but I'd break my arm
When the kiss (?)
When your lips are cracked and bleeding
And there's nothing that you want from me

If you stand up tall
On your knees and call
You know I'll be some company
So jump, jump into
This pain in me
I'll be your friendly enemy

Friendly enemy

The Room – The Friendly Enemy

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