The p1ckles – Uber eetswa (feat. anti)
Genre Pop

Uber eetswa (feat. anti)

Verse 1

I'm alright
But I'm anxious all the time
Disability sign
Under this dirt I shine
Don't want no label
I'm pretty stable
I'm just a Manlet just like cable
Hanging in the stables
Get a job at Staples


Verse 2

Get this money by any means
Get hungry order uber eats
Bro defund the police
I’m justice of the peace

How this gun fit
In my jeans
I’m always tired
Wait I can’t sleep

Dont bring up the halo around my head
That’s so funny bro i’m dead
Watch jojo i’m so wet
Deleted insta never stressed
Been up for days i nevеr slept
Man i just want red

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