The p1ckles – Brock hampton sucks
Genre Pop

Brock hampton sucks

I'm typing on my computer
Get lost cunt your a loser
You think that makes me a stoner
Thats just my band mate you're a poser

Fuck an egirl
With the ecurls
Wearing epearls
Do an etwirl

Reading Covergirl

But I'm an eboy saving lives
With our music apartheid
Yo man yeah I'm quite tired
Milk mob we dropping fire

She in celine, she mean
She bully me
I’m keen
For real tho, crack, i’m a fiend
I’m glowing ✨ bitch i’m on fleek
Had her number then I delete
Turn me into a street
[i never dream]

100 chin ups a day
Good for your health
#by #my #self
100 metre field i run it up!
Beef w me i gun it up

Twitter is torture
You fucker like vultures
Cancel woke culture
Cancel bloke culture
Cancel coke culture
Justy and the Younger
Stone cold stunner
Sydney a bummer
Paint me like a Hitler
Paint me as a sinner
God be a woman

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