The Other Side – C0nv0
Genre Pop

The Other Side

I just
Wanted to check on how you were doing
But, even I'm not that dumb
I'm just talking to the walls for fun

But, for a moment I just need to pretend you're here
Just for a moment
Only for a moment

Have you been okay?
After everything you've been through
It's been a good while
I was hoping we could've talked
After-all, I didn't get the chance when you were here
To tell you things
I always wished that I could

*Soft scatting*

I wanna know if it's nice
On The Other Side
Without any worries or concerns
To keep you up at night
Without all of the pеople that you hate
Without any stress or fеar
You can't be hurt anymore
I hope that it's better than being here

Or maybe you miss it
The way that this song rests on your skin
And tickles your neck
Or the way your fingers feel nice when you brush them against the brand new carpet
Or maybe you miss everything
Even the bad parts too
Well I hope that it breaks your heart
Cause our hearts are breaking here too

Hopefully, I'm still not sure
How to feel
It's so obscure
Cause all I want is a little more time
Just to walk with you alone
Have some small talk on the phone
And we would talk about whatever is on your mind
Eternities could pass us by
'Til you're at ease
But I'd still cry
To make you stay a second longer here on Earth
But I can't help from feeling numb
There's still some things we could have done
But since it's over
I can't help but just feel hurt

"I hope it's peaceful on The Other Side..."

*Quiet humming*

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