The Murlocs – The Ballad of Peggy Mae
Genre Rock

The Ballad of Peggy Mae

Verse 1

My love was taken out in an overdose
My world came crushing down
Couldn't feel a pulse
I was frozen like I’d seen a ghost
Swirling in a wisp of light
It flashed before my eyes
My darling Peggy Mae

Verse 2

My screams are so thunderous
Like a widower
Things seem to feel fictitious
I'm completely numb
As the ambulance pulls up with the fuzz
As they're writing down my name
Yet I cannot look away
From my darling Peggy Mae

Verse 3

My heart is breaking now
As I’m tearing up
She's lying there motionless
Getting too much
So I jump out of the big red bus
And I blame myself everyday
But I can't in any way
Bring back my Peggy Mae

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