The Last Rhyme – 07. No Help
Genre Rap

07. No Help

Verse 1 [The Last Rhyme]

Yeah, Uh
Take back and forward like i never know it
Every body hated, every body loved it
Everybody told me i could have done it
But just words dont equate the budget
Stuck to this dream
Fade away every moment
Back to the scene
Thinking of really blowing
Pain through these words 8x focus
Like a sniper with a pubg token

I am built for war
I am built for pain
I am for struggle
I am built fame
I am built for long days and through hard nights
Destiny a challenge even if fate is high priced

Never would i sell my soul without a tought fight
Never would i give up on dawgs right?
Most of yall are big barks with a small bite
I Guess im in it just in it for the long ride

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