The Last Rhyme – 01. Welcome To The Intro
Genre Rap

01. Welcome To The Intro

Tell me what you gonna do
I ain't no go time for a fondue
Running my city with the wrong shoes
Used to wear chucks but I'm slipping in some f# you's

Yeah i just said
Your girl trying to blow my mind on her knees
Maybe i meant it
She giving me headache like you on a beat

Back to business
I'm the realist
Most hated
I kill the playlist

Number 1
But still you hate to say it

I don't know what you gonna do because intro dominated
Your whole crew and your whole style now thats sounds complicated

Last single done gold
Now i got that feeling that want
Now i got the feeling that you need
Everybody now into my shit
Nobody gives a shit about your bеats
Damn that just sucks with a mouthful

Any way...

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