The Guide – Rubble
Genre Rap


Verse 1Guide

I want the whole world dead
Everyone will suffer ‘till the very end
Blood up on the ground
Fire burning trees
Smoke up in the air
Nothing but debris
Feel like this a bad dream
I don’t need to breathe
I’m the orchestrator
The ghost that they cannot see
They say I’m just the worst like a public enemy
Sadistic and cryptic, honestly I don’t need to breathe
Now everything is rubble, tired of this difficulty
Nobody really gets me, so they never try to know me
I’m colder than an icicle, you pussies are below me
Mysterious nonexistence, an idea is all I’m gon’ be
I was never special, was interested in Black Metal
My power and the influence was on another level
I am just a pile of ashes making classics
See, I don’t need nobody to teach me on how to vanish

Verse 2Guide

All of these pussies don’t fit in the equation and all of these bitches just want to be famous
I use my wisdom to get me to places
Reptilian that is just in the matrix


Killing them all, bitch, I’m David Koresh
I never do stall, in my mind I’m the best
Look at this beautiful mess so intense
Was born to just lead, a guide so intense X2

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