The Gloom In The Corner – Ronin
Genre Rock

Ronin lyrics

This descent will be the death of those opposing
The path they’ve chosen was never made for the weak
And they are one with weakness

Let me tell you how god abandoned me

Before I died I never knew how bad my demons were
And now I'm here, I get to suffer every day with them
I have no reason to stand on my own feet
Every single victory is met with another defeat
I may have won the battle, but I fucked the war
Encased in a black cloud, I'm lost forevermore

I’ve lived with violence embedded in my flesh
Nobody knows who I'll target next
I live with violence embedded in my flesh
So start running, you’re who I’ll target next

All you have left is hours
Cause when I drop in, you’ll scatter like cowards

[Click, click, ouss, ouss]

All you have left is hours
Fear always gathers in the cowards

Little do you know
The most noble thing I did was off myself
For all the demons in my head
The worst were the people around me

“I was so caught up in saving everyone else
I never thought to save myself”

My thoughts sounded like a whisper
That got lost in the wind
To everyone I’ve ever loved
To everyone I’ve let down
Go fuck yourself
I hope you find happiness in the real world
I'll be biding my time, waiting for you all down here
Finding haven for the angel and the queen
When you find a backbone, come join us three

Motherfucker, do it

I can't get lower than hell
But I'll be damned if I don't try
In this fucking hole
Every life is worthless

I said I'd blow my brains out, you didn't listen
I bet you feel fucking ashamed now
I was pulled away by the tide
And you just watched me drown

But I don't feel like drowning anymore
They called me the Rodent, they call me the Rōnin
So much for a Homecoming, blow out your fucking...

All thoughts of suffering have come to an end
All that's left of me is unrelenting violence
Kill shot

Desperado of Hell's Plains; Rōnin
God abandoned us all
And left you here with me

Everything dies with me here
Loaded double barrel, blow you to pieces
I am war, I am pestilence
And I will wreak havoc as I will see fit

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