The Fibonaccis – Medicine Waltz

Medicine Waltz

Chorus 1

Open wide, it's like medicine
It's all right, I'll have some more
Down it goes, no more doubt or fear
I don't care what happened before

Verse 1

Bring me some whiskey to soak my regret
Too many fishes slipped through the net
Well past the point where ripe turns to rot
In the absence of kisses you throw back a shot

Bridge 1

It's an ancient sensation, but those Greeks could drink wine and still think
Maybe we're the wrong nation to be holding the Bomb while we drink

Verse 2

Look at them marching up Main Street
It's the Fourth of July and they're stewed
They'd just as soon lynch you as love you
It's that Fourth of July kind of mood

Chorus 2

Open wide, take your medicine
Every night you come in mad
Choke it back and forget her voice
Makes you mean and strong like your Dad

Verse 3

I noticed a man stooped over a bar
I saw by his legs he was scarred in the war
Some kind of terror showed in his eyes
When I said, "I'll be yours for the rest of the night."

Bridge 2

That's a fine situation; she won't see that he can't be consoled
It might be hallucination
But the blind drunk girl thinks he's whole

Chorus 3

Open wide, it's like medicine
It's all right, we'll have some more
Down it goes, no more doubt or fear
We don't care what happened before

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