I hit him with my shoe. I had to, Mother—he wouldn't listen! If he'd given me the medal, I wouldn't have hit him. I told him to give me the medal, or I'd hit him with my shoe! He just shook his head and said, "No," so I hit him the first time

He gave me the medal but he tried to run away, so I hit him with my shoe again. He kept crying and making noise—I was afraid someone would hear, so I kept on hitting him, hitting him, hitting him, hitting him, hitting him, and hitting him!

Ooooh, I have the prettiest mother...I've got the sweetest mother. He tried to pull himself up on the wall. He said that he'd tell on me, so I hit his hands. I hit his hands harder and harder and harder and harder and harder and harder and harder!

Leroy...give me those shoes
Leroy, give them to me
Leroy, I want my shoes back!
Leroy...Give me those shoes...

muffled screaming

Are there really blood, Mommy? Mommy, I took the matches. I set the furnace room on fire and locked Leroy in. It wasn't my fault, Mommy, it was Leroy's fault! He shouldn't have said that he'd tell the police on me...and give them my shoes...

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