The Ex – Prism Song

Prism Song

Here's the soap thatwill set you free
Cleaning up your visions of reality
Andall thoes salesmen will agree
Surround sound DVD is ecstasy
Life can be sweet with all those candy bars
Increase your ego with a breand new car
Insure your safety and buy this lie
And buy and buy and buy and buy

Turn the prism on its side
Through the faces shines the light
Punture what illusions hide
Don't be taken for a ride
Fast food burgers slim your time
Send a present to your valentine
Get your airmiles travel free
In September start your Christmas shopping spree
It's in the stars, be a millionaire
Conquer theworldwithno underwear
You're so free, you can buy the lie
And buy and buy and buy and buy

Keep on track with the digital fun
Book in time for the winter sun
Get a free cell phone, call all day
The next great prey is on its way

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