The Everlasting Kid – Reaper Shit Intro
Genre Rap

Reaper Shit Intro


R-R-Reaper on the beat
I’m everlasting

Verse 1

Me and Reaper got an EP, you know it’s comin’ up
I stay chill in the cut, that's why they dont fuck wit us
Man, jus’ know that y’all luck is up
Rash gon come up wit the Smith and Wesson, what is up?
Aye aye, what the fuck is up?
Bro nem come and shoot, uh, Smith and Wesson, neck and up [Uh
Paralyzed from the waist down
He ain't got shit to say now

Verse 2

I’ve been tryna go hard
Rock goyard
Everybody sayin that I got a cold heart
Im tellin the truth y’all got no bars
Yeah, y’all got no bars


Y’all thought I was done?
Huh, y’all really thought I was dumb?
This rap really was just for fun
But Reaper will take you out one by one

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