The Dream Syndicate – Out of the Grey
Genre Rock

Out of the Grey

Verse 1

She wakes up all alone, remembers something 'bout a fall from grace
Looks into the mirror, laughs and pulls a hair out of her face
The phone rings off the hook and the door pounds in 4/4 time, oh yeah
Carefully she tries to go back to the scene of the crime

Chorus 1

But down on her knees she starts to pray
Give me the light of the day, out of the grey

Verse 2

Had me a friend, couldn't tell the night from day
He was always kinda lonely, no one ever understood a single what he'd say
Well one day he got confused, went out and pawned everything he owned, uh-uh
And to this very day, that man still hasn't found a place he can call his home

Chorus 2

He says "Lay me down by the sand
Lord, somebody take me by the hand"
But the tide carries out by the day
So he testifies to the fray, out of the grey


Yeah, out of the grey
Yeah, out of the grey

Verse 3

Had me a friend, I remember from another state
Holds onto a postcard dated March 4th, 1968
And he says "Man, I must've missed so much, could you please fill me in?"
I say '"Forget all that buddy, let's turn back the clock, we can start again"

Chorus 3

Because somewhere the best things are blessed
Oh, back to the place of rest
Yeah, cut to the end of the play
And just take my poor tired soul and life it out of the grey, yeah, out of the grey


Oh, oh, yeah, out of the grey
Oh, oh, yeah, out of the grey

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