Verse 1GAWNE

Uh, yeah
I'm the chosen one, Luke, not Obi Wan
I've been skywalkin', sky's the limit so I float above [Ha
Been going nowhere like hitchhikers with a broken thumb [Uh
Guess it's time to show 'em what a G.O.A.T. is, hit a Kobe dunk [Woo
Never miss a shot, pistol pop, fuck a molar gun
Roll up to the homes of my opponents with a loaded gun [Brrt
Whip it out on anybody ever talking shit or doubtin'
I don't need a bag full of clubs to go put a hole in one
Untuck the llama then run up on 'em, we come for drama [Uh
They call me Ra, I'm the Sun God 'cause I burn the hottest [Uh
Fire-breathing, been cooking shit like it's Benihana's [Uh
Yeah, that's why your squad stayin' underwater, Bikini Bottom [Uh
Thinking it's time to go so wicked, I never let enemy ever get on a roll
When I spit it with infinite, witness student of the game just made the honor roll
Honorable scholar with knowledge, that is greater than your colleges
That's why they call me a god, I gotta go

Interlude 1D.I.L.E.M.A.

Yo, Crypt, you a fool for this one

Verse 2D.I.L.E.M.A.

When I'm online my pen is a lonely man
We catch bodies onscreen like it's OnlyFans
I don't catch too many shots, they sub-trippin'
Quarantine barber, they see a nigga cut different
The drum attached, make 'em rattle like FAMU
Shoot and miss, that's your last shot, last chance, you
My university is versus from adversity
That urges me to stay strapped up; Steve Urkel's team
Family matters, y'all be screaming again
But don't just do it 'cause you see that it's convenient to care [Yeah
This my reality show, them niggas been soft
Act a fool, then revolve, I'll give you a spin-off
I'm servin' rounds, Sam Malone with the "Cheers" touch
Round after round till we all get a beer gut
Fear what? Ain't nobody killin' me
I zoned out like we got defensive liabilities

Interlude 2Grizzy Hendrix

Yeah, god Grizzy

Verse 3Grizzy Hendrix

I'm too gifted, I've been rippin' rappers way before Christmas [Yeah
Got 'em open off the presence, ain't no point in flexin' [What?
Been high since nine-seven
Got these wack rappers beggin' for a feature, his style's too plain, 9/11
I'm in the buildin', fuck a deal, labels are fake
They 'gon do you like the Trunchbull, put some cake in your face
And when your records ain't sellin', they quick to take it away
Make you pay back every single dollar that you made [Ah!
It's a cold game, labels got these artists so trained [So trained
Don Cornelius and rappers still thinking like slaves [Slaves
That's why we screamin', "Please give us back the old Ye"
But I'm not speaky Spanish or talky like Jorge
'Prende ese, show paper won't get you paid
All I got in this world is my balls, Scarface and no's, I won't break
Driving in my own lane [Lane
Just some niggas with a attitude, ask O'Shea [Skrrt!]

Interlude 3Elijah Kyle

Yeah, E.K., look

Verse 4Elijah Kyle

Here's a penny for your thoughts, a nickel for the scars
A quarter for the ones who are steady defyin' odds
Something 'bout the universe just never makes sense
Being rich does not equate to happiness, what a myth
Learn a lot from paid in full, more money, more problems
That's the underlyin' truth, quick to stab you in the back for a couple of views
In temporary ten seconds, y'all be gone with the news
How much more I gotta prove?
Shit, I grew up on the Ems and the Jays and the Coles
Little Nas, Big and Pac, Rakim, a little soul
I feel this in my bones, it's embedded in my core
Would be nothing if it weren't for the legends who came before us
Got these people looking at me like I'm something absurd
Stick around and learn something, got a way with these words
It's loyalty first, throw that other bullshit to the side
See no ceilings, word to Wayne, 'bout time I shine, E.K

Interlude 4KING BLITZ

Yeah, look [Yeah, look]


And it's KING BLITZ, yeah, we reppin' this bitch
And you know with the flow I'm official like it's a ref in this bitch
In the way I write my, you laughing a bit
Now we on the big screen, we goin' up like watch your step in this bitch
And know the flow is still good in the drought
Switching with the tongue-twisting in the Midwest, but I live in the south
King shit is only what I'm about
Got a lil' buzz goin', but I still swat a lame for getting fly at the mouth
Really, really, fuck you, gimme, gimme, niggas really gimmicks
Really, y'all offend me, y'all ain't any, look around, army with me
And I promise the damage is prominent, confident in these consonants
I'ma get to the bottom of it and leave you bottomless
Honestly, I'm tired of these so-called rappers who fraudulent
Promised that I'll be on the top 'cause we dominate
In the game, we 'bout to confiscate, you actually whack
And we don't actually like you, dawg, your shit got hacked
Call me a King because I'm actually that, actually facts
I'm the one in charge, you niggas battery pack, King

Verse 6Murkemz

Dead room?], do a rapper bad if he act wrong
Bang, let it rain on a nigga, this a black storm
Bobby Shmurda when I throw it up, now his cap gone
All I do is scheme when I'm moving with the mask on
Y'all 'gon learn the history, I was wild, worried
On the Jim Beam, hopin' I don't lie, bury
It's cool, though, and teach a nigga the science
Hit every mark and period, I'm upper-class when I'm rhymin'
I pull out this missile, hit you and get a nigga bell ring
Slay, then I screech off when the bell ding
Heard your last project, sorry, it's Reg
You should leave the ass rappin' to Cardi and Meg
I see you shook little niggas be acting nervous when I come around
Lookin' at the fucking ground, see the sucker in your smile
Tighten up, pussy, ain't you happy I'm here?
New on the scene, Murkemz, the rapper you fear, yeah!

[Verse 7Mile High

Ayy, I'm feeling like a problem when I'm on that kush and coffee
Not a crab in a bucket, so I'm shaking niggas off me
Tryna catch this wave, but I leave 'em looking salty
Careful, 'cause my pistol like my finger, she's so naughty
Me and my homies linking like a chain, they label us a gang
Since we lock it down like we married to the game
Put a ring on her finger, gave that bitch my last name
If she step out of line, I'm cashing in insurance claims
Side note, chain-smoking with the gang, rolling up some dank
Runnin' to the bank, I'm gonna elevate my name
I'm never in one spot, I like to move around
If you try and stop me, you 'gon get walked down
Might just have to leave your body on the ground
Make sure you never make a sound
I can't hear you since this beat is way too loud, ayy
Light a blunt, proceed to face it, doing what I have to
I'm gonna make it, no more bullshit, I think it's time to escape it
This is my reality and only I can choose to change it
Driving by myself, hoping that I make it, gang

Verse 8Postcard

I'm out of crypts, about to put y'all in one, yeah [Hah
You standing out until we talking income, yeah [That's facts
Y'all just crack up under pressure, you tortilla chips [Woo
Came with tools and ratchets like I really fucking need a fix [Brra!
Waiting 'round the table like you need a tip
I've been in my fort all night inside like this was season six [God damn
Came here for tunes, and now I'm leaving with a fortune [Ching
Fortunately, I'm tuned up and I don't need another portion [Nah
Flow is holy on the seas, yeah, we all know this why they worship [What?
Y'all can't match it, keep it lit, then I'ma make sure that I torture you [Yeah
Got me in Kentucky with a asshole, yeah [With a asshole
Fuck it though, tequila all up in the glass, go
Y'all be steady, toying 'round, fuck what you has, bro [Yeah
I'm up to here with how you think, I'm feeling mad low
waiting to go, yeah, throwing the buffalo woes, yeah
I don't get fixed at the court and I'm hot on the metal, my faith in the road [Let's go]

Lemony/Lovin' my?] taste and they fold, yeah, see that I'm winning the gold
I got my ice on one pen in the verse and they know that I really been froze [Post]

[Verse 9HollaAtKrazy

When you move like a god, it always come with grace
Team got plenty for anybody who wanna hate
And I don't care how they kill him, boy, I just want him ate
So when the metal hit his mug, he just sunk in place
Hunnid' K highlight, chilling Bahamas
Come home to your crib and throw dick in your mama
Then I dip, stick shift with your sister, Ramada
Threesome on OnlyFans with the chick that's beside you
It get vicious, her leg up, she turned, flip switch
Swore she was Kirby the way she sucked this shit
You mad, we grip sticks, find out she told you about us
Harry Potter, grab the sweepers and, get this, snitch
I don't think you understand where we coming from
I don't want to speak man-to-man, fuck a one-on-one
When the war gets thick, people want to run
And if you not one of us, then you one of them

Verse 10Gatsb7

I'm like the Slumdog Millionaire, overslept the red eye
Swung in from the chandelier and stuck it like a Jedi
Rappers get abandoned if they only play the good guy
Well, hmm, maybe that's the reason that the good die
This young boy rollin' with that old boy weakness
Y'all ain't never steppin' to the genus of a genius
Women that I wrote about would say that I'm the meanest and they mean it
They callin' me conceited and elitist
Then they takin' to their Twitter and they tryin' to delete us
Then they see me doin' well and wanna kick it like Adidas
Nah, nah-nah, no, what you talkin' 'bout, homie?
E'erybody snappin' pictures, cheese and macaroni
A couple years ago, they would've blocked me like a goalie
Now they're calling me a star, I wanna pat me like my homie, whoa
Ayy, and now you're talking matrimony
It's cool you shot a shot but, t.b.h., you smacked the bogey, like

Interlude 5DumbLoud

Y'all already know it's the five-seven G.O.A.T., Ibn! [Yeah]

Verse 11DumbLoud

I do this rap shit for fun, we get bread, you should get you some [That's right
If it ain't DumbLoud, nigga, it's just dumb
I sell cars, you can get you one, I sell cribs too
Got a three-bedroom crib you can rent too
Fully furnished [shit], the rent'll be twelve-hunnid [Yeah
If you really want a first month, twenty-four to secure it
You can get a hoodie, log onto the site [That's right
When it come to bars, I don't write [I don't write
Fuck around and scar you for life [Life] if you rap for a livin'
'Cause they be like, "Dawg, he is nice" [Nice
I could charge you a price for these sixteens pump, punk
And I ain't write a rap in like sixteen months, I'm still sharp as a knife [woo!
Nigga, I'm a shark, I will bite [C'mon
And everybody swimming's brunch and then bring lunch [Shit
Nigga, bring the dark to the light
Your battery within me jumped [Shit], Ibn

Verse 12WeSkeem

There's a psycho at the cookout, so lookout
A fishy character on the boat so I'm glad we took the hook out
What's this chapter in my life? Get the book out
Been creeping in the night, but it's time to pull the rook out
Introductions, huh? I'm awkward, weird, and fuckin' lame
But I'd rather play the bully kid to be part of your game
After this is done, I'll be grilled, well done
But my soul is cold, I'm always charred, well, let's have fun
My flavor doesn't pair with beef and yours is burning up
Unwanted flapping lips you creep, don't try, you can't catch up
Get it? 'Catch up' like 'ketchup'? Your meat is overcooked
Comment down below which of my bars I overlooked
Now they all be saying this dork ruined the song
"It was going so well, why did they let this freak on?"
But real knows real and real knows you
And, in reality, this plastic face is realer than you


I'm reconditioned to seduce, but put that liquor in my system
I got problems I don't fix, so I just trade it for commission
Walk around with demons on both of my shoulders like I'm liftin'
Got them shooters in my holsters, take a shot, that Smith & Wesson
I call it coronavirus, the cauldron'll leave you crying
Corroded, fuck up your sinus, you pussies ain't never try this
Scolding with sialadenitis, you can't deny this
Scorchin' and Holy Ghost, it be smolderin'; molten lava
Flipping the script like Java, the merciless rapper mata
Got vice grips upon your collar, so worthless whack imposters
Get smashed like bottles of vodka, uh, bitch, I'm a monster, finna be spreading it proper
Stop at the top of the, listen, SEPPI killed it!

Interlude 6Samad Savage

Yo, uh, it's good
Jersey, uh, yeah

Verse 14Samad Savage

Now, if you knew what I deal with
Then mans'll know it's understandable I don't feel shit [Nah
Don't got my math, I'll tie son in the grass, you'll kneel quick [Ha
Coronavirus says she's scared to catch me, I'm real sick [Ooh
Depressed as fuck, but I got a whole plethora of this mess of stuff in my head to bust
You don't really wanna test your luck with the best of us, you'll get left in dust [Huh
Pass to the kid, bet they feel this
Mount and do your girl then pop you with the can, I'm the real Crypt [Wow
I blew up and conquered, nobody sicker, it's been proven by doctors [Woo!
I want my plaques to look like, "Ooh, it's an Oscar!" [Hey
Sleeping on me, I'ma let B rest like beautiful knockers [Hey
Get these Uncle Toms up off my chest, Hakuna Matatas [Hahahaha!
Guess I'm carefree since we all here, see, this the writer's block [Uh
Before you draw the line, we crossed it, garbage, your mind is robbed [Uh
You know you're gonna die, you're looking cautious like, "Why, Samad?" [Why?
I kill you making the same face I make when I lie to cops [Skoodwidit!
I'm not a blood, but I live the life that they hate to see [Huh
I just balled in a court for sport, they just plagiary
They want the beef 'cause they salty, revenge is savory
And if I ain't the best on this cypher, at least I made the beat

Interlude 7Lex Bratcher

Hold up, yeah, look, okay

Verse 15Lex Bratcher

If a dozen of us in the room, call a doctor
Yo, I'ma be shootin' some, but some not hurt [What?
Five get hit, other six runnin' to the outskirts [Where?
And five clicks, that mechanism turns twelve to one, that's clockworks [Okay
Sike, I don't be in the mud, my dawgs act first
I just get my bloods to come through, bruh, that's lab work
They mad hurt 'cause the way I rap it, [Woo
I'm fucking all these niggas over, so don't even ask him why his ass hurts [Haha!
Hollow points and I got hollow drums, pop-out and the cops going, "Alright-
-You a mama's boy", it depends, let us see, oh, see, you nuts, you a Almond Joy
God damn, my man's got the highest smoke, gaslight
Kamikaze with 'Rari the way I whip up, Bill Cosby tryna ride my horse
Fucking 'round with me, I come for man's non-stop [Yeah
I'll leave 'em teary-eyed and choking, double hand got cuffed [Woo
Look, are you ready to rumble? I go Michael with the boss [yeah
I just give 'em that Mutombo, that's the blocka-blocka shot [Lex]

Verse 16Vin Jay, Crypt

We ain't trying to buddy-buddy, you lame
So everybody in our lane gettin' smothered in flames
Our songs leak 'cause we hot, we ain't one and the same
The only way you'd ever leak's from your jugular vein [C'mon, yeah
And y'all don't want to come first with a diss [Nah
'Cause we respond back quick with some personal shit [Uh huh
And I be coming for your neck with every word that I spit [Woo!
Just like O.J., I show 'em how to murder a bitch! [Bitch!
Still with my day ones, been reppin' the same team [Uh
They ask me what I do and I just tell 'em I chase dreams [Yeah
To make cheese till I'm feelin' better than JAY-Z [Hova]

Now they mad 'cause I run it and I never leave [Woo! Leave
Any girl up at my crib, I would let her be [Hah
She in the bed with me and crawling like a centipede [Huh? Huh?
Your bitch pops Xans and she's still 'gon remember me [Hoo!
And now we keep it pushing, coming at me, probably shouldn't [Uh, uh
'Cause I've been winning, doing everything [Woo!
Flame's on the beat, I ain't never heard you scorch none [Nah
Punch you in the face and watch you break like you were porcelain [Bitch!
If I go broke, I'll be coming after your funds
Bitch, I've been driven since I've seen the way the Porsche runs
No debate that it's time to arrive, tell them all they don't play no games [Uh
Y'all get paid for the nine-to-five
Just evolvin', don't stay the same,, I won't fade away [Nah
They will talk when I would take a loss, but I become a boss and I made my name [

Bitch, I've been at this for years, don't follow my peers, I'll follow my goals [Mmm
Spitting the heroin, this shit is medicine, tell 'em I gave 'em a dose [Mmm
Give 'em a topic and they go gossip, y'all have been doin' the most [Mmm
Talkin' that nonsense, better be cautious, turn 'em right into a ghost, uh [Mmm
So I don't really got no time for you little guys [Nah!
Livin' with your momma, but your ego twice as big as mine
It's one love, my musing console intertwined

Interlude 7Futuristic


Verse 17Futuristic

They at the crib rapping while I'm at the telly checking my stocks [Okay
Time is money, so I'm checking the clock [Yeah
It's hard to live in the moment when I'm noticing the best never stop [Mmn-mmn
And from the jump, I was projected to flop, I'm protecting the rock
I'm off the glass when I'm measuring shots
Ain't talking hoop, this medicine is Ciroc [Mmm
I wish the best for everybody in this lane, I hope they get what I got [Okay
Then pass that up on they trip to the top
Okay, but please don't get it twisted
We are not adjacent, 'cause I'm not complacent [Nah, nah, nah, nah
Not your favorites, but your favorite got 'em some inspiration [Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ain't playing, we talkin' different, decades of making money moves [Sheesh!
Struggle food, made it out the mud when you was stuck in school [Sheesh!
Niggas ain't know what to do, gave 'em a whole manual [Manual
Sold the catalogue, I gave 'em a whole channel [Channel
Sellin' shoes, fuck it, I gave 'em the full sandals [Sandals
That mean no resort with a chef and some more candles [Woo!
Flow make 'em nervous, they sweatin' off for the verdict [Okay!
We just did another YouTube cypher, but this time, in person, ooh!

Verse 18100Kufis

I'm cutting off loose ends, meant to say Lucid
Flow so dumb, but the opposite of stupid
Think about what you did, should've never mentioned a Kuf
A kick from the boot, I had your ass missing a tooth
See, lyrically and literally, I will shit in a booth
I'm cooking up in the stew, I'll spit in your soup
I'm the one you don't want to collide with
I stay with the bars, no shit, I'm a convict
Lil' black nina and I call it my side chick
Shorty catch bodies like jump in this mosh pit
And when it come to pressure, I'm the one that applied shit
'Cause soon as they arrest you, you're the one that's 'gon dry snitch
Momma always told me that my flow was the coldest
Stop, has got him in a panic, got him standing like both the Dakotas
Twisted nigga, top pop, that's how you open the soda
I don't play games, can't you tell I just broke the controller?

Outro100 Kufis


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