The Conglomerati – Oochie Bang Bang
Genre Hip Hop, Rap

Oochie Bang Bang

She look incredible body lookin' edible, told her slide to my place like a decimal
And we can get the party poppin' off like a festival, in the bedroom suckin' me like tentacle
She a genius baby girl the meanest, thicky, thicky, thickness with the sweetness
I'm a witness, baby girl addictive like a plumber when she leakin', how do I fix this?
Like an envelope lick it then I stick it, kitty got me tongue tied now she twisted
Juicy bitties make me lick it like its brisket, p*ssy gifted eat it like Reese's Pieces
She got the type of azz you can see from the front, make me wanna pull up to your bumper
Ask you for your IG f*ck your number, I just wanna love ya and thug ya

Beach front smokin' Za, coast of Italy, post it on the gram now she wanna D.M. me
Sendin' private pics askin' for the addy, no D.N.A. but she callin' me daddy
No D.N.A. but she callin' me daddy, no D.N.A. but she callin' me daddy
No D.N.A., no, no D.N.A. no, no D.N.A. but she callin' me daddy
Dripped up queen vision Nefertiti in the flesh, skin complexion rose gold, azz bounce when she step
Honey gold sweet like honeycomb boyo bees the best, livin' her best life f*ck yall she feelin' herself
Short cut phat azz look like Dej Loaf, lookin' so good f*ck round getcha preggo
So sexy make your girl wanna turn you lesbo, ride or die she Letty I'm Toretto
Dripped up diamond princess I'm impressed everytime we sex p*ssy singing like Keith Sweat
She obsessed f*ckin' with the best, Baby boy when I'm eatin' that p*ssy like Jody did Yvette

Haaaaan its the Rati

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