The Blu Mantic – SCRY
Genre Rap


Guess it's been too long
Hiding in my dungeon
Looking at this black mirror
Invoking demons
To do my bidding's
Opening portals
Burning this frankincense
Deeper I go occult
Feel like creosote
Shit is making sense
Ignorance evanescence
Knowledge make me the alchemist
Capricorn, I was born for this
Death of ideologies
Got me witnessing men with messages
Living the opposite
I’ve adopted what prophet is
Call me Mr. Mistoffelees
Magic is what I’m dropping bitch
All these angels I’m walking with
Show me plans of apocalypse
Shamanistic Kabbalist
Trans-humanism aight but
Only holistic can heal
Humble as bumblebee
But turn ballistic at will
Expose me if hypocrite
Show me how antagonist feels
If brothas don’t speak up
I know matriarchs will
Tempted to conjure the real
Crystal quartz
To hear the silence of hills
Tigers eye
So I can see straight through the veil
Obsidian stone rest on my chest
Finely wrapped up in a twill

Now scry
Now scry
If you try
Never rely on someone else supply
Now Scry
Don’t be a fool
We all use different tools
Now scry
And if you try

I’m too old chase dreams
Young enough to see the vision
Shut ya, shut ya trap playa
Learn to, learn to fuckin listen
Make sure deposits larger than ya withdrawals
Never draw conclusions without probable cause
Listen, get what give
Disappointments for those who expect
Better you live, when you earn your respect
Trust has higher value than them diamonds on to neck
Loyalty don’t always have to come with a check
Never, never rely on some else supply
And don’t get high unless you ROI
Bet not indulge without self control
And, never attempt unless given consent
Once that hand is shaken
Then you better keep your word son
Once the oath is taken
Then the coven is your burden

Now scry
Scrying is the ancient art of looking within
If eyes are the widow to the soul
Then any refection will do
But it's all up to you
You see scrying is the ability to look within
Deeper than anyone else can go and
The further you go, you lose control
But it is only in the reflection, of yo soul
Now scry
And if you try
You gotta be ready to let ya ego die
The subconscious only receives
Simple messages, symbols and such
So don't think to much
The deeper the mediation
The darker the vibration
The easier it is for you to rely
On what you receive in the
Attempt to scry
Now scry baby, but don't cry
Now scry baby, but don't cry-oh
Now scry
Look within thy self
Look within thy self
[I said] Now scry baby
Don't cry, uh
Now scry baby
Don't cry, uh
And if you try
Gotta be ready to let the ego die

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