The Blu Mantic – CONSCRATIXN
Genre Rap


You know that feeling that you get
When you think you know everything
About life
You don’t know shit
Mistakes blew up in my face
Didn’t listen for the tick
When you fornicate with greatness
You can’t come quick
This that 4th and 20 pass
I can’t miss this
I made love complicated
Forgot how to kiss
She lost connection with her self
So she ask me to intercede [Enter seed
When that blood moon came
I was so relieved to
Break the spell of mediating
When my momma and my brother
Or my sister and my nana
And my cousin and uncle
Or my auntie disagreed
Nеver saw fruits of our labor
Church is whеre we sewed our seed
This ain’t my fight, that ain’t my creed
If blood is thicker than water
Why these tears I bleed

Cousin Dre said to me
While sippin Hennessy
Don’t forget what yo name mean
Boy gone take heed, take that lead
And move with great speed
Un-gate steed
And with the heart of Big Red
I’ll move forward til I’m dead
And even then, I won’t be finished
I will make sure it takes the lifetime
Of many sons [Suns
So my name and his name
Will never be diminished
To awaken my tribe, negus
I’ll lose sleep
On the front lines til I flat line
And you hear beep

Then resurrect just make sure
The back stabbers cut my check
And colonizers came back
To pay they respects
Don’t worry where my pen is
I keep it erect
Shoot a movie of regrets
I produce and direct
And make certain you
Press play, pause, rewind, before you eject
Oh! Before I forget
If listening, I hope I ain’t too complex
I'm just trynna connect
See, I aim to affect

Ain’t here to make war
But if you disturb the peace
To say the least, be sure
We’ll fuckin protect
Cause we don't see no threat
At this stage of life, I break my leg
And step back to get ahead
Man, I’m breaking my neck
Hol up [whew
Lemme wipe off this sweat
Wanna settle something with me
You got until I pay off my debt
Burn this herb in my calumet
Make peace with my silhouette
And look East for the sunset
So you speak, or forever hold your peace

Or quite the contrary
Limit commentary when you enter to this sanctuary
Limit commentary when you enter to this sanctuary
For we turn this to a cemetery

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