The Blank Fight – The Hutterites in North America
Genre Rock

The Hutterites in North America

Individuality which is denied and carefully guarded against throughout life is completely abolished in the heaven envisioned by the hutterites

Are they mennonites no
The look like amish yes
But of the three anabaptist groups
They differ in one important respect
All 3 tried communal living
But only one attempt was a success

Get it over with
Make it fast
Suffer suffer suffer
Any secular task
A meal even life itself
Is not meant to enjoy
Just let it pass
Get it over with
Hutter set a trend for generations to come
Burned at the stake
His namesake remained on the run
Persecuted executed and finally fled to america
Maybe we'll have luck in south dakota instead

Get it over with
Make it fast
Is it any wonder
With the hutterites past
That a fast life and slow death
Are considered best
Make it quick
Then confess
Get it over with

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