The A – Naat Bando
Genre Pop, Rap

The A

She wanna party, told her baby then come to the A [come to the A
You know how we rock, drinking henny and its straight to the face
Whole gang in the spot[Gang in the spot], counting fetti and getting this cake
AP for the watch, putting Karats all over my plate. She just wanna drive the boat
She just wanna do the most
Got us turnt in the spot we ain't worried about cops but hittin the gas if we see the folks
She off the molly, moving thotty she like Bando I'm tryna get lit
You know my body, love to party? then baby come to the A
Naat Bando
Walked in the spot and you know that we litty, make all of the bitties come our side
We love to party, we pouring bacardi my ooters aiming for mattas
Fuck all of the gimmicks they know that we spinning, my niggas they wit it like popeye
They stay with the heat like whiteside, please do not trip or its shots fired
Cruising through in a all black whip Thiik got a beamer, Jay got a Benz
Foreign bitch wanna slide to the A, she wanna fuck and she bringing her friends
Expensive shit, feel in love with the drip, she ain't used to my bop, she ain't used to this dance
Gaining weight, fell in love with the cake, got off my ass I just ran to these bands
Dummyboy Dior
She ridin the boat [boat] shorty she doin it all for show
She throwing that ass like on all of my niggas while I'm pouring henny right down her throat
Only want cash when I'm talking business so watch how u stepping I know you broke
I told her dance to it. she wanna fuck let my mans do it [LMK] we ran through it, you still wanna cuff? nigga damn do it
She fuck for the Gucci, Louis vuitton. Treeshin do her dance in her thong, demons typa time we be on
She love the attention my niggas throw one's, she came with her man's now she leave wit us
I need me a Bentley a foreign truck then I slide with the demons and run it up
5K Big A. Can't smoke no grams nigga double up [ loud] two percs, one shot. Shit make him sleep like a double cup [ BAH
I know a couple niggas from my side those my guys they down to ride
If a nigga tweaking we gon pull up you got 5 niggas right by my side
Ball like Air Jordan so you know we scoring, and I got it lock man a nigga too fly
Couple hooligans trynna get this cheddar so you know that it’s grinding time

My flow can’t match it
Hop on a track and I light it like match sticks
Niggas too hot on this track that it melted
Bando and Thiik be the niggas I rock with

So you better watch your tone cuz
We been putting in work cuz
Everybody out doing they thing now we coming for the throne
Im with the demons you know we finessing
Using my fists man I don’t need a weapon
Gave him two shots taught a nigga a lesson
Up in the stu man we killing the session
Gang with me shit gon get messy
Talk of the goats I’m the one that they mention

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