Thatboydayday – Try Again
Genre Rap

Try Again

Aye check me out I ain’t new to dis
I’m true to this
Tell that Lil thooter to get back like I’m ludicrous
If it’s not a fade I got Glocks and we Shootin it
Hoes wana fuck cuz I’m that nigga who You foolin bitch
These niggas talkin out they neck, they all 2 face
I know I got these niggas mad I made a New Wave
We shootin movies in this bitch like I’m Blue Ray
Tell her buss down thotiana like I’m blue Face
This all facts, no cap, why you cappin
Really in the field, all you niggas do is Rappin
I know a couple niggas in my city really Lackin
These niggas sellin dimе bags talkin bout They trappin
Fast track, you won’t catch me in no Traffic
I’m chasin bankroll I ain’t really with thе Yappin
If you need me on a song bitch I’m taxin
Baby on the way I gotta give her what she Askin
This shit crazy I got niggas lookin up to Me
Rich niggas and Ogs wana fuck wit me
Real Ones the gang of you fuck wit me You stuck wit me
Ain’t no switchin up you get stung like a Bumble bee
I pray to god that I make it and we up now
You see these chains on my neck bitch we Up now
I had to get it out the mud I’m from Uptown
Fuck a field goal bitch I’m goin for a Touchdown, gang

These niggas sayin they gone rob me pick A different scam
Same niggas wana follow me on Instagram
I had to change up my ways I’m a different Man
Been gettin money we ain’t broke tell em Try again
I know I got these niggas praying on my downfall
Cuz I got it out the dirt like a groundhog
If it ain’t about no money I ain’t round y’all
Remember all them days I was tryna get Them pounds off

I’m out the way I ain’t even gotta trip
You livin wit yo mama you ain’t even payin Rent
50 in the bank another 50 ina clip
I wish a nigga would he ain’t runnin off wit shit Lil bitch

[Outro] Gang Gang, Aye Aye we been Getting money, we ain’t broke tell em try Again

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