Tha Last Black Hippie – Too Late 4 An Intro
Genre Rap

Too Late 4 An Intro

Intro:[Bojack Horsemen & Diane Nguyen]

I guess my question is...
Do you think It's too late for me?
Am I just doomed to be the person that I am?
It's not too late for me..
Bojack.. I
I..I need you to tell me that I am a good person
I know that I can be selfish and narcissistic
And self-destructive but underneath all that
Deep down I'm a good person and I need you to tell me that I'm good
Please... Tell me that I'm good

Verse 1

Everybody loves you, but they don't like you
Wake up in the morning, pretend that life's good
I tеll people that I'm tired whеn I'm depressed
I tell people that I'm fine when I'll be worse

Outro: [Bojack Horsemen & Diane Nguyen]

I screwed it all up it's too late for me isn't it?'s not too late
It's never too late
It's never too late to be the person you want to be

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