Tha Last Black Hippie – [Mikey's Interlude: Tranquility]
Genre Rap

[Mikey's Interlude: Tranquility]

Mikey's InterludeTranquility

Verse 1

Shit ain't nothing new
Acting a fool
Playing cozy with some random dude
That you thought you knew
Played you like the beat
Now you caught up in a loop
Trynna pick and choose
Either way, she gonna lose


You used to keep it lowkey
I know that you want me whenever you lonely
Probably wondering why the fuck you had to leave
Blowing up my phone telling me that you miss me
Wanna feel my presence but I'm not at arms reach
Now I got my heart in six feet, do the least
Watch you bleed
I'm a dog without a leash
Running in a park chasing on a gentle breeze
Finally found my wings so please don't fuck with my peacе



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