Testimony Edokpa – Dear God (The Voicemail Interlude)
Genre Pop

Dear God (The Voicemail Interlude)


Hello,we are not available now
Please leave your name and phone number the beep
We will return your call

Verse Testimony Edokpa

Head to the sky talking on and on
Sometimes when I pray I don't feel I response
Look at the stars
And the night time keeps glistening
And when I pray I don't feel anyone is listening

I've never been this frustrated before
Feelin' like I've lived through centuries of war
And I don't think I can take this anymore
Cause my life's not mine it's yours [Yours yours]

So take my heartbeat by the count of five
Because I just exist,I'm not really alive
Can't sleep so I might as well stay up
Wish everything was resolved by the time that I wake up

What's the meaning of life [Tell me
Definition of love
Rap your arms around me
Get a spiritual hug
I got a thousand questions that need answers from you
Forget that
Can you just answer two?

ChorusTestimony Edokpa

Woah Dear God
Can you hear me...hear me

Dear God
Can you hear me...hear me

Woah Dear God
Make time for me..for me

Through the billions,Dear God
Can you little ol' me,little ol' me

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