Tennisboywill – ¿Wh0?
Genre Rap


¿Wh0? lyrics

[She throwing that ooh at me!
Sorry miss who?
I gotta know what yo name is
Shawty miss who?
Shawty said " you so famous"
And im like, who?
We can't pop out and just hang
Shawty wanna :]]]]] !
[she said fuck me
I said who da fuck is that
Never seen nun that bad

Met in new york
Then flew to the A
I had to blow out her back
Yuh now she good for the day

Ran this hoe like its lap
She eat the d**k off the plate

Told da hoe we gon relax
We gon eat good all day

She just wanna unwind

Yeah rewind

If i could go back in time
I wouldn't say nun of them lies

Now she looking at me like
" Who? who? who?
Fuck that ion know this dude"

New hoe on my list its cool
"Ion got timе for no nigga like who?"
She said, "you too toxic for me"
So i gotta play it bool
Maison Mihara yеa on my shoe
Got some new guala yea imma boot
Im getting money so why would i sue?
I went up faster what can i do?
Throw em a bag and watch what they do
Called em my brudda but he moving fu
When u look in the are you seeing you
Or you you seeing me?
Boy you a fool
They call me Tennis my niggas not Tennis
Bitch wanna come around Ten i bend it
Grew up now niggas look like peasants
God is a gift, its a whole different present
Niggas be looking like how do i get it
I just been focused on my mission
T he the one ain't no sidekicks
Most of my bruddas took high risks
I look around and im seeing us win
We done came out of a horrible sitch
Can't even look at em, Act like bitch!
Too much pride and you ain't even rich!

Look at these niggas like, who?
Who are you? x2

[Who?, Who?

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